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 14 General Hatting, Uitsig, Bloemfontein

Welcome to Onze Rust Primary School

The recent Onze Rust Primary School was established in 2002 with the amalgamation of two Afrikaans Medium Schools namely Onze Rust Primary School and Uitsig Primary School.

Regarding such an amalgamation process, it took a lot of understanding, acceptance, loyalty and implementing by all roll players of such a decision.

Such a process is very emotional for everyone concerned and with the necessary leadership this was extremely successful.

Seeing that the numbers of Afrikaans learners decreased in 2009 we took the steps to change our school to a Parallel Medium School.

Our aim is to become one of the best Parallel Medium Schools in the country, and to be an example for other schools that also want to become a Multi-cultural School.

It is very important for us to educate at a high standard, and to teach each and every learner to respect and accept one another. This will teach them to respect different cultural groups, and therefore insure a beautiful future for each child in our country.

This transformation process was done and supported by parents out of their own free will. We never look back, but rather forward to a hopeful future for our country. We want to convince every child, that all cultural groups can work together to a common aim to develop a pride for our nation.